Together, we've said, “thank you,” nearly seven million times in six years. This year, we’re adding another way to thank our heroes and their families. Please join us by sharing your story.



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Happy to help, Matthew


Eight-year U.S. Army Reserves veteran, Matthew, has been in the hospital for a bleed that doctors are working to find and is causing him pain. After completing surgery, he’s not supposed to be on his feet for lengthy periods of time. Applebee’s Thank You Movement provided a microwave to help Matthew heat foods quickly. “He’ll Read More


Happy to help, Henry


At 96 years old, one of storied Navy veteran Henry’s favorite pastimes is playing cribbage with his son and daughter. But his set was beat up and missing a few pieces, and seeing the board was getting more difficult as Henry’s eyesight declined. So his son, a pastor, veteran and Applebee’s fan himself, requested a Read More


Happy to help, Brenda


Eight-year U.S. Army veteran Brenda suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. A resident of Uniontown, AL, Brenda served from 1985 to 1993, including a six-month assignment refueling aircraft at a Kuwait airfield during Operation Desert Storm. To help her pursue a two-year degree in office administration, Applebee’s Thank You Movement Read More

Thank You Movement


Thank You Movement
coy block:

God bless you all

Carol Johnson:

Thank you for serving for sserving our nation

no words will ever be able to show enough gratitude for what you do for our people.

Maria Gladfelter:

Thank you so much, Nicholas Gladfelter, for your service in the Army. I am so proud and honored to be your Mom! I will always be your biggest fan and biggest supporter. Thank You, also to all of the past and current Sevice Men and Women! God Bless all,of you for your strength, courage and bravery.

Michael Wanzer:

Thank You to Everyone it wouldnt have been possable without your help :)

Tom Kulwicki a veteran of Viet Nam:

I would like to thank Applebee’s for the free dinner I had on Rockside Rd. on Veterans Day. I appreciate your loyalty to our veterans!

Cathy T:

Thank you for your service!!! Have a Happy Holidays and sending love and prayers from Florida! :)

Cynthia Clark:

from one veteran to another Thank You For Your Service!


Thanks for our freedom

Howard Henderson:

I am a Vet and I look up to all the men and women who have served our country.

Milton Logan:

Thank you!



Mrs. “D”:

May God Bless you for the sacrifices you make every day and your Labor of Love. America appreciates & salutes you.


I served two years State Side and have nothing to complain about. I salute all of you who did not come home whole and pray for those who did not come home all!!

Yolymary Valentin:

thanks to my husband Roberto Ortega for serving 9 years in the U.S. NAVY

Richard byrum:

Thks to all who served and who are serving






Thank you to all our heros, the verterans of wars past, wars today, and wars to come.


Thanks to all the current and past true American heroes (versus good samaritans that are called heroes) and their familes that allow them to serve to protect our freedoms.

Ed Holmes:


Charles Lyon:

Thanks to all the sailors on board the USS Somerset and a very Happy Thanksgiving


Thanks to all of my military brothers, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. God bless you all.

Diane and Jason Box:

Thanks to my fellow Veterans it was an honor to serve with all of you

curtis cottengim:

thank you for your service. I feel better knowing you are protecting my family and America.


Thank you for your service, you are a true American hero.

Kenn Robinson:

Thank you to all those who have served and those who continue to do so.

robert edward walck:

Thanks to applebees and toall the veterans wo served this country faithfully. the mealwas great and the people were very nice… thanks again appebbes

Battleship Joe:

To all veterans, and especially my fellow Battleship sailors, thank you for your service. God Bless.

Hazel Behrnes:

thank you for serving our nation in whatever form that may take. No matter where you are, stateside, overseas, or retired, we pray for your health and safety.

CMSGT Les Degner (Retired):

Thank you for allowing our service men & women to join together for a great meal & to share your dedication to the American Military





patricia Hughes:

thank you for everything you have done for our country

Bob Gurney:

A heartfelt Thank You to our Vets who have served our country to protect out precious freedoms

Bob Gurney:

A heartfelt Thank You to our Vets who have served our country to protect out precious freedoms

Barb Rider:

Thanks to all military personnel past and present for all you do!!!


Thank you to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms.


thank you for keeping me and mine safe and free.


for all that all of you do for all of our freedom – THANX !!!

Capt Tim Myers:

I live in Lake Oswego, OR. I am a 30 year Navy Veteran, and I want to thank Applebees for the kindness they show each year to all our Veterans. The professionalism and sincere gratitude shown by the Applebees staff at the Lake oswego restaurant is always superb. To me, visiting Applebees is always a pleasure and on Veterans Day, I look at it as much more than a free meal. Thank you for thinking of all Veterans. You make all of us feel pride in our Service to this wonderful country. As we say in the Navy, “Bravo Zulu”, which means “Well Done”.

Hebert McGinnis:

My father was an Army aviator during WW2 and I trained as a helicopter pilot during Vietnam. I am proud to have served and I am so proud of the men & women who serve now. Nothing is too good for our guys and gals in uniform!

Dennis Jacques:

Hats off to all our Active Duty, Veterans, and Retired! Thank you for your service, and doing what you all do for us. You are the BEST!!!

Paul G Youngbauer:

For those of you out their keeping our watch Barb and I thank you..

Michael Kacmarcik Jr.:

Thank you..

Michael Kacmarcik Jr.:

Thank you..

Mandy Foreman:



Thanks so much for all you do.

patti npr:

thanks to all of the veterans. No matter where their station was, what their duties, they were there and ready whatever was asked of them. So many have lost all. My Dad, My Husband and my Son served and with God’s Blessing they came home safe. Again, thanks to all of you.


I would like to thank all the Veterans out there. I do have several in my family, but they all are such heros. I want to thank you all for your time served and for you all to know that you never go unnoticed to those who are proud to be American. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless the USA. and a special thank you to Michael my husband for his years of service.