Together, we've said, “thank you,” nearly seven million times in six years. This year, we’re adding another way to thank our heroes and their families. Please join us by sharing your story.



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Applebee’s Franchisee Reunites Injured Veteran with Favorite Pastime

QRCwheelchair presentation

Roderick Jordan of Pell City, Ala. served in the U.S. Army for seven years, including a year in Korea. While serving, Mr. Jordan suffered a leg injury that forced him to use a wheelchair. But – given the wheelchair’s inability to maneuver in wooded areas – Mr. Jordan could not pursue his favorite sport: Hunting. Read More

Thank You Movement


Thank You Movement
Sue D.:

I want to thank my youngest son (and his family) for serving our country and being deployed four times to help keep our country free from terrorists.

Lucille M Wilcox:

A big thank you to all Veterans and Active Duty Military for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your families so that you may serve this great country of ours. You are the Best! God Bless you one and all.


Thanks to my granddaughter Allie, an IRAQ wae vetreran and my grandson Ryan, an Afghan vet and Marine. Lopve you both come kome safe!

william Perry:

I gave 4+ years of my live for FREEDOM at a young age. Now at 83, I think I would have moved to Canada instead. We are not FREE…

tennison burton:

think you forever thing you have done for us.

Philip Prinzi:

Thank you to Applebee’s You guys rock! Thank you for all you do for us vets and you really are our neighborhood place. Love you guys!

Daniel Williams:

As we come to this years celebration, and while I respect and honor all veterans, there are five I would like to mention specifically. Myself (USN/USMC), my fiance Air force Senior Staff Sergeant Nastassia Todd, retired US Army CWO3 Alan Williams (my brother), retired US Navy PN1 Sherry Roth, and retired Army Master Sergeant Stephen Whitson, my brother in law. Stephen recently lost his battle of life due to Agent Orange related illness from his service in Vietnam, but to the last day, he said he was proud of his service and of his country. God rest him, and God bless all those who served.

Lourdes Viant -:

I go to Hackensack, NJ Applebee’s… I want to Thank our Veterans and Active Duty Military for their courage and for keeping the freedom in our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE VETERANS AND ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY !!!!….

Jim & Judy:

We thank you for the job you are doing and we are SO PROUD OF YOU… you are in our prayers every day..we appreciate you so much…our son is a Marine so we are part of your military family !


For many, this simply means an opportunity to take the day off, relaxing with family and friends. Nevertheless, there is more to it than that. I have never had the privilege of serving in the military. However, I am proud to be Army wife.

Debra Bauders:

I would like to thank my fellow military members both active and retired thank you for your service as well as keeping us saf.

Tim Scanlan:

My father, James Scanlan, served in the Korean War. He was stationed in both Korea and Japan. I am proud of him and the sacrifices he and so many verterans have made for our country, for me personally. And they are truly sacrifices. Veterans are exposed to things and see things that you and I will never have to endure, never have to replay in our minds, never have to deal with such emotionally shocking experiencing. Thank you verterans, thank you active military. I support you, as you support our country and what we the people stand for.

Janice Barnett:

Thank you for your service and for protecting our freedoms. We will not forget your sacrifice.

Kelley N Carter:

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for all you do to serve & protect our country, rights and freedoms!

Jill Clancy:

Thanks to all of you volunteer Veterans and Active Duty Military men and women. Your service allows me to live my life in freedom.


Wow!!! Where to begin…A BIG THANK YOU to ALL of YOU precious people for serving!!!!!

Charliece Glenn:

Thank-you to all the Veterans who help keep America free, and defend those in other countries who can’t help themselves. My father served in W.W.II

Charletta Hill:

I personaly would like TO say THANK YOU!!! The sacrifice You’ve all had TO make at sometime does Not go unnoticed, the Service that has BEEN given i pray that GOD will BLESS You and Your LOVE ones.. I pray for Your needs TO be met and healing TO manifest TO keep You whole…

brenda cotton:

Thank you for your service.

Lisa Fields:

I would like to say thank you to my wonderful husband and former Marine, Ollie Fields. Ollie was diagnosed in 2011 with 3 types of cancer in 4 places, all unrelated. He is now a case study at IU Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN. On Sept 16, 2011: the same day Ollie had cancer surgery number 2, I was diagnosed with Lupus and Stage 4 kidney disease. Since that fateful day Ollie has recovered beautifully and is now cancer free! Now, my sweet Marine and husband of 26 years cares for me. There are days I can barely move and even a hug from my gentle giant causes me pain. He still works hard to care for me. Love is not making someone happy, love is being there for them, holding their hand, and helping them through the hard times no matter what the sacrifice.

Mark Pingle:

As a proud Marine Corps veteran, I THANK all my brothers and sisters that serve to keep us free,and to all that have lost there lives to keep us free you will always be remembered . GOD BLESS AMERICA


Thank you for having served our country!



Linda Munoz:

God Bless you for your service to us and keeping us free.

Linda DeBenedittis:

Thank You for your service an sacrifices! May God Bless you and your family!!!

Ellen Pacino:

You have my graditude, and thank you a million times for you sacrifice. May God bless you always.

bobby turpen:

we need to always give thanks to our military & veterans for the freedom we share in U. S. A.———–THANKS AND MAY GOD BLESS .

James E. Moore:

Thank You To All the Veterans who have served and to their families who have supported them.

Linda Randak:

To all service men and women…thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to our great country. My father, uncles, first husband, cousins, many classmates, friends and now my grandson has or is serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard…so thank you, thank you, so very much <3 God bless each and eveyone of you <3


As a Navy Veteran, I am so very proud of all our Veterans, in any branch of our Defense. God bless each one of you. and Thank you, Applebee’s for your gift to us. It speaks well of your restaurant.

Kathryn Thorn:

I would like to thank All my fellow Veterans Past and Present for their dedication and Service to our Country and People!

Celeste Ethjeridge:

Thank you for recognizing the Veterans and all they did, done, and will continue to do for our Country. With out them we would not be land of the FREE!!!


Thank you so much for taking time away from your family and friends to protect our nation. It is very brave of you and I wish everyone could learn to live together, accept our differences and work together. I hope something good happens soon so you can return to the USA and get reaquainted with your family. With the holidays coming up I especially think of all of you away from your family. I’m sure it isn’t easy on a regular basis but it must be especially hard during the standard holidays and your special family holidays you would be spending together if you were home. I think about and thank you everyday in my prayers, I wish the war wasn’t happening but am thankful for people like you who help us keep our freedom.

Yvonne Chopyak:

I would like to thank my husband John Chopyak, Vietnam Era Military Serviceman for 3 years Active Duty and do something for his Daughter Patricia Ferreti, suffering from Multiple Scerrosis and needs Health Insurace and Medical. She is only 47 and will not ask for help. she needs things in her home to move around. Right now she has a hard time walking.

Monisha and John sister Kayla:

Saying thanks to our son that is activley serving in the United States Navy we are truly blessed to have a great son like you Sr. Samuel Shannon keep up the great work. Thank you for always thinking of your Great Country USA and proctecting us from harm. He could always use personal items,food items and postcards to stay in-touch with family and friends

Donna Reed:

I want to Thank my Mom, Dorothy Reed for her WWII Coast Guard service. She just turned 93 and remembers those years with clarity and pride. I try to make sure she gets to Applebee’s each Veteran’s Day, however our local store is always very popular and her very arthritic legs no longer make waiting in line an option. To thank her for her service, I would appreciate it if Applebee’s would consider sending a gift card she could use on another day.




Thanks for the service you have done for me and our country.

Debby Turner Fox:

Uncle Butch, Thanks for your service to our country

Catherine Mansdoerfer:

Thanks for putting your country first and you second!

jim beaudoin ,,:

my father has went thru hell and all of you guys deserve more than wat you get now, thank you for my fredom

migdalia harris:

a friend of mine vietnam vet spent two terms over there and now he is dieng from agent orange, i feel real sad for him and i realize what they went thru his name is ed beaudoin, thank you for hearing my story


Thank you for all that you do. We as a nation are so greatful to have you ooking out for us. God Bless you and your family.

Sandi Campbell:

Thank you for all you do to keep us safe. Freedom is wonderful but it isn’t free!!!!!

Debby Turner Fox:

Dylan, we are all so proud of your committment and service to our country. se

Debby Turner Fox:

Dylan, we are all so proud of your committment and service to our country. se

Debby Turner Fox:

Dylan, we are all so proud of your committment and service to our country. se

Samantha Coleman:

I would like to say thank you to all our veterans that are serving our country.

Debby Turner Fox:

Thank you Dad, for your service to our family and our Country. Although it was a different era, your service and sacrifice are no less significant than those serving today.

Clyde B. Washburn, Retired Master Sgt (E-8):

I am looking forward to visit Applebees’s on Veterans Day in South Hill, Va. 23970. Thank you.