Together, we've said, “thank you,” nearly seven million times in six years. This year, we’re adding another way to thank our heroes and their families. Please join us by sharing your story.



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Providing Housing for Homeless Veterans is New Directions for Veterans Mission


New Directions for Veterans serves more than 1,100 at-risk and homeless veterans and their family members each year through permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, and comprehensive support services. By providing the nation’s heroes with mental health services, job training and placement, legal assistance, financial counseling, and case management, the organization aims to helping struggling veterans Read More


The Illinois Patriot Education Fund Fills in the Gaps for Veterans


The Illinois Patriot Education Fund (IPEF) provides financial assistance and supports the educational journey for Illinois military service men and women who have served our country and their families. IPEF provides scholarships that cover the gaps in the Post 9/11 GI Bill for active duty members, veterans, their spouses and children. For many, higher education through college Read More


Veterans 360 is Fighting for Young Veterans


Veterans 360 Inc. has a very niche focus on supporting today’s young veterans who struggle with both their transition into civilian life and all too often, post-traumatic stress. The organization’s primary mission (Carry The Challenge) is to normalize and civilianize PTS in the hope to eliminate the stigma that takes so many lives. Veterans 360 Read More

Thank You Movement


Thank You Movement
Jessica Ray & Chris Colley:

Thank you all for your sacrifice

Zack Lay:

Thank You to all service men past and present.


i just wanna say thank guys and gals for everything you have done for our country..god bless you all!

Sherry Street:

Thank you for your Service! Happy Thanksgiving

Jack and Debra Miles:

Thank you for your service. God bless and keep you safe.

Jeff and Shaye:

thanks you rock!

SSG ret. William Schuler:

Proud too have served with you

Perry Toro:

Thanks Veterans, be you Active serving, disabled or retired, for everything you do or did in the Service of our great Nation!


Thank you to all of our service members and their families for all they sacrifice on a daily basis go keep us safe and secure. Your sacrifices do not go unappreciated! God bless and keep you all.

andy stroik:

thank you for your service


Thank you to each and everyone of you for all you do and have done for this great country.

Sonny Gates:

Thanks for all your service no one has an idea how much credit you deserve

Amanda stowell:

Thanks for your service

DC1 Joseph Cutshall:

Thank you to all who answered the call to service. God bless you. And let’s not forget those who gave their all.

Tom & Joanne Frankenfield:

God bless you all. We pray for you everyday. Love to all.

CW2 Steve C McCreary III:

Stay strong. We support you all !!!

Dustin Holmes:

Saying thanks to fellow soldiers


Thanks for your bravery. Praying for your safety


Thanks for your sacrifice


Thanks for your sac rude


Thank you all for your service, sacrifice, and protecting our freedom. God bless you all.

Mrs. Angela Lee:

Thank you for your sacrifice. May God bless you and bring you safely home!

Patricia Shoup:

☆☆ Thank all of U for Ur selfless service & sacrifices ☆☆ May GOD keep U safe & bring U home soon <3


Thank you so much for your service and protecting all of us. May God bless and keep you safe.


I cannot say thank you enough to express my gratitude for your service to our country.

Annmarie and Derek Guarascio:

Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. We are forever in your debt.

tracy carrothers:

thank you for my freedom

Frank W:

On Veterans Day 2015 I visited my local Applebees and was treated to the best steak dinner and the staff was outstanding in how they treated each of the Veteran’s

SPC4 Michelle Campbell:

Thank you so much!!!

Cindy Koszulinski:

In times like these where there are crazy people overseas coming into other countries and ours killing people for no reason makes me appreciate even more what you do. Thanks for the work you do defending us and our country. God Bless you!

James K:

My family and I thank you for all that you do and have done for us!

David Hernandez:

Thank you for your service

laurel Kaiser:

Thanks for protecting America with your service.

April brown:

thank you for your service


Thank you to all past, present , & future military members!!

Dianne Rail:

Thank you very much for your service! My husband and I are both Army veterans! Hooah!!!

Dianne Rail:

Thank you very much for your service! My husband and I are both Army veterans! Hooah!!!

Brett Wicklund:

Thank you to all serving and who has served!

Jeffrey Simmons Jr.:

Thank you for the love, dedication and sacrifice that you have given our nation, even when we aren’t worthy of it. I am so thankful, and I love and appreciate you all!!! :)

Jim Campbell:

I appreciate your service for our country. You’re one of the reasons why this country is so great.God bless you.


To all, past or present. Big or small jobs. Thank you to all who help keep us safe

Justin Walton:

Thank you for serving our country . We are the best because of you.

Leslie woods:

Thank you to all who help serve and protect our great land of the free love and prayers to you all.

Linda Soltis:

My sincere thank you for all you do to keep America safe!

Samantha Galanis:

Thank you to every single man & woman who are, have, or will be part of the best military on earth. I was raised in a military family, and I was raised to appreciate the sacrifices you, and your family make . Bless you, and know there ARE people out there who appreciate your selflessness, and bravery.

Gary Havens:

As a vietnam vet I want to say thanks to my brothers who came before me and who are now serving and those to follow. God Bless You All.


Thank you for lunch. It was great and the staff was wonderful. A very patriotic thing Applebee’s did, thanks again.


Thanks for all that you do to get us safe.


I serve with honor, intergrity, service before self and excellence in all we do.


I serve with honor, intergrity, service before self and excellence in all we do.