Together, we've said, “thank you,” nearly seven million times in six years. This year, we’re adding another way to thank our heroes and their families. Please join us by sharing your story.



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Happy to help, Matthew


Eight-year U.S. Army Reserves veteran, Matthew, has been in the hospital for a bleed that doctors are working to find and is causing him pain. After completing surgery, he’s not supposed to be on his feet for lengthy periods of time. Applebee’s Thank You Movement provided a microwave to help Matthew heat foods quickly. “He’ll Read More


Happy to help, Henry


At 96 years old, one of storied Navy veteran Henry’s favorite pastimes is playing cribbage with his son and daughter. But his set was beat up and missing a few pieces, and seeing the board was getting more difficult as Henry’s eyesight declined. So his son, a pastor, veteran and Applebee’s fan himself, requested a Read More


Happy to help, Brenda


Eight-year U.S. Army veteran Brenda suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. A resident of Uniontown, AL, Brenda served from 1985 to 1993, including a six-month assignment refueling aircraft at a Kuwait airfield during Operation Desert Storm. To help her pursue a two-year degree in office administration, Applebee’s Thank You Movement Read More

Thank You Movement


Thank You Movement

Thanks for your service!


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Ed Velez:

thanks to all that gave their lives so we could have our freedom

eric railsback:

i enjoyed the appitiser the tv sets half the time i go by myself , the other half of the time i go with with my parents

Tami B:

Thanks to all who server. Bless and protect them all. Thanks to their families for their support. God Bless…..

Teresa Deal:

Thank you for all your missed family time and serving for our freedom.

Carolyn Cohee:

Thanks to all past, present, and future veterans. Without you, our lives would be much different.

Sabrina Pennington:

Thanks for your service to our country. God bless you and God bless the USA!


Often some things are so easy we never do them. I’m a Navy Vet and I want to say thank you all who serve/ served and also to Applebee’s for this program. Bravo Zulu




just wanna say thank you to all that have served present and past

Heather Pulley:

I want to thank my husband, CPL Pulley, for his service. We love you.

marandia and Bob kinsky:

we owe our freedom and all we have to you. . Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy our freedom. Merry Christmas.

Chas Fortescue:

Thanks to Commander Anthony Fortescue USN.

Jim Poorman:

Thank everyone for your service!

Jennifer Kerr:

Happy Holidays. Your in the hearts of thousands all of whom thank you and wish you a very Merry Christmas

Jennifer Kerr:

Happy Holidays. Your in the hearts of thousands all of whom thank you and wish you a very Merry Christmas


Thank you for all you sacrafice, I appreciate it.


I want to thank my grandfathers for both serving the Country for so many years. Thank you

Don & Lorraine Howard:

Thank you guys & gals for your service. We appreciate you for the sacrifices that you make everyday. Each one of you are in our prayers. We haven’t forgotten why you are all there. Because of all of you, we sleep better at night. Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless and be with all of you. Don & Lorraine Howard from Gallup, NM

Theresa Nelson:

Thanks so much for all you do for us!

Randy Wiggs:



We are able to celebrate our freedom because of your bravery….Thank You

Debra Turner:

Thank you so much for the great sacrifices made by you and your families to keep us all safe!

Carol and Al:

Thank you for your service.


Thank you for helping to keep our freedom!

Tierra Frederick:

A special thanks goes out to my friends Alicia Mitchell and Gavionne Jones. They did a lot to serve our country and I am truly thanlful. I also would like to thanks all the veterans that are risking their lives for us; thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robert Christian:

Thanks to Walter T. J. Gibson for his Duty in the Korean War.

Sandi Allen:

Thank you to my 2 grandsons, Joshua Wade Hannah and Joseph Loftin for their service in the Marines.

Sandi Allen:

a A heart felt thank you for the service of all who have made it possible for us to live in America and have the freedoms that we all share. In memory of Henry Ford Allen WWII veteran.


As a service member I want to thank all my fellow comrades for their service, and a thank you to everyone of you who shows us support as well.

Greg Jones:

Semper Fi

Robert McCray:

I a retired Navy Vietnam Nam Veteran

Victor Gibson:

Thank you for your service!

Jerry j Voegele:

super thanks to all vets that are or ever have served. You are the reason I enjoy my freedoms today

Ronald Bauer Air Force Retired:

thank you for your service and keep us safe.

Ron and Violet Bauer:

thanking our warriors for defending our Freedom

Don – – USN:

From one veteran to another, thank you vor being there when it was needed!!!


thank all of you who serve our great nation along with me. lets keep it that way.


Thank you for making this the home of the free and the brave :)

Patricia Sheridan-Aranibar:

From one fellow service person to another: THANK YOU for all you have done to protect my family, my freedom, my country and me!!


Thank you for all you do, and all you have sacrificed. You are all truly heroes.



Amy Bennett:

Honoring all veterans and active duty military. We thank you for your services and sacrifices. We are forever grateful!


Thank you for all your sacrifices


To all of our troops worldwide, wee thank you for your service, and just want to say we’ve got your back 24/7/365.


Thank you for you service

Retired CPO Veron and Penni Hayward:

Thank you for standing the watch.


Thank you for your service!

Robin Greiner:

Thanks for your service and sacrifice!