Together, we've said, “thank you,” nearly seven million times in six years. This year, we’re adding another way to thank our heroes and their families. Please join us by sharing your story.



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Providing Housing for Homeless Veterans is New Directions for Veterans Mission


New Directions for Veterans serves more than 1,100 at-risk and homeless veterans and their family members each year through permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, and comprehensive support services. By providing the nation’s heroes with mental health services, job training and placement, legal assistance, financial counseling, and case management, the organization aims to helping struggling veterans Read More


The Illinois Patriot Education Fund Fills in the Gaps for Veterans


The Illinois Patriot Education Fund (IPEF) provides financial assistance and supports the educational journey for Illinois military service men and women who have served our country and their families. IPEF provides scholarships that cover the gaps in the Post 9/11 GI Bill for active duty members, veterans, their spouses and children. For many, higher education through college Read More


Veterans 360 is Fighting for Young Veterans


Veterans 360 Inc. has a very niche focus on supporting today’s young veterans who struggle with both their transition into civilian life and all too often, post-traumatic stress. The organization’s primary mission (Carry The Challenge) is to normalize and civilianize PTS in the hope to eliminate the stigma that takes so many lives. Veterans 360 Read More

Thank You Movement


Thank You Movement

We are so greatfull for your help in defending our wonderful United States of America! May God bless you and your family!!! Hugs!


A special thanks to recent vets who have had multiple tours in dangerous lands for away from home.

Maria Medina:

Thank you for protecting our country. We appreciate your sacrifice.

Roert Jenkis:

Thns for allyu do.

Frank M:

Thanks for keeping us safe

Frank M:

Thanks for keeping us safe

Jen Hansen:

Thank you to all of the U.S. Veterans. We live in a better world because of you!

Carbary, Arnold T.:

To all my friends and Brothers, in arms…be it green or blue; Thank each and everyone if you for your service, from one warrior brother to another. Stay safe and God bless!

Carmen Anthony:

Thank you to all of my family, friends, men and women that have served to keep us free and safe. Your dedication means so much to so many. God Bless You All! .

Henry Bartless:

Thanks to all my fellow Veterans for your sacrifices. May we always remember those who gave ALL for our country.


Thank you for all your sacrifices for us


Thank you for all your sacrifices for us


Thank you all my Brother’s and Sister’s for your service.

Dennis/Sylvia Kayashima:

Thank you for your service and keeping our country save.

David Wedt:

Thank you for your service

David West:

Thank you for your service


Semper Fidelis God bless America

Lucas Parrill:

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters in arms


From a vet, thanks to all who raised their right hand.

Michael Serra:

Thank you for continuing to fight for our great nation, from one veteran to another!

Cody H:

As a member of the US Armed Forces I would like to say thank you to all my Comrads both past, present and future. Hoorah!!!!!

Leandra Tingay:

Can never thank you enough for your sacrafice….HOOYAH


Thank you very much for protecting me and this country!

Bonnie Felts:

God bless our troops and our country


Thank you so much for your dedication and service


Please Come back Safely , we’ll be praying for you

Brandie graffigna:

Thank you

Kelly mcglyn:

Freedom isn’t free!!! Thank You!!!

Austin Albaugh:

Thank you for all you do! Red, white, and blue!!!

Ashley Kickery:

From one Army veteran and Army Wife, I want to send a huge thank you shout out to all of our men and women. Come home safe. Another shout out to all the families of our heroes! Stay strong and brave. Final shout out to all supporters!! Thank you. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks again to all.


Heartfelt thanks to everyone of you and your families!


Thank you.

Carla Williams:


Carla Williams:


Codi waller:

Thank you all for serving! There are still quite a few people who want you to come home safe, we believe in what you’re doing, and we know there ain’t anyone more qualified to protect us than our AMAZING military men & women. We love you.

Daniel G:

Thank you for everything. Thank you for your bravery and the sacrifices you’ve made to keep me, my family, my friends, and all of America safe. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much.


Thank you all who have served. Thank you to all who’s blood has dyed the red on our glorious banner a richer hue. You will always be remembered.

Chuck Wagner:

Thank you for serving one Vet to another.

Richard B:

Thank you so much! Maybe obama doesn’t care but I do.


Thanks for putting your lives on the line for our freedom!

Steve Gilchrist:

Thank you for your Service!!


Thank you for your service!

Lee Goldsmith:

Thank you all for your service.


Thank you for protecting our country and risking your lives for all of us in the USA❤️

Jessica Toso:

Thank you for all your services and putting you life on the line so I can live mine in the land of the free

Jessica Toso:

Thank you for all your services and putting you life on the line so I can live mine in the land of the free

Cait Saine:

Thank you so much for protecting us !!!!! Xo

Shelby Hush:

Thank you!!!!


Thank you for my brothers that are still out there and may God bless those that never came home.


Thank you for fighting so we can eat good!!!